Monday, March 3, 2014

Something New. Something Calling Me.

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"Sometime I try to cry and laugh like other people, just to see if it feels like anything" - Blaine Harden, Escape From Camp 14, Quoted from the book Fields of Grace.-

My previous posts were about Psychology in general (which I still do fall in love with it every single day ever since I started taking my classes). But through the general, I have found something more specific… 
 something I love, desire and passionate about… you know something that tickles you when you think about it… because you just love the thought of it, the thought of sharing it whilst your eyes are opened that what you love is needed to be shared. This is why I have decided to specify the theme of the blog I am running.

I’m dedicating this blog, my knowledge and thoughts for the ladies. Inner beauty is my  current interest, and I would love to share as I learn because REALLY SAD things are happening out there (near and far), and it will be too selfish of me to shut myself from what’s happening, to learn and keep them all to myself because I am too shy to open up my thoughts, too selfish to think of what judgments are thrown at my piece of writing. WELL, I am not like Princess-Know-It-All or Princess-Prettiest, but yeah… I will share of what I can do to help as I learn… I dream of helping much but what I can do for now is by writing. 

So here’s to the ladies who diets too much, who shops too much, who cries too much, who gets mad too much, who worries too much, for anything you do that is too much, including thinking too much XD.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello 2014 :)

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I guess the last time I updated my blog was last year... I am very happy for those important people in my life that had been telling me to keep updating my blog, and I guess I am doing this for those who care and because their opinions matter so much for me <3

Well as a starter (after my long break), I would love to share this link on personality test. Trust me this one is nothing cheesy. It's accurate and specific (ps: based on Cattel's theory on traits). Try filling it as honest as possible and with patience, but it's worth the time :D. Mine was surprising. :)

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