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Psychology & Body Language: "I know you like me ;)"

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I just got home from my class, I know it is late night to post but I think this part of psychology and body language is kinda cute and would totally help confused guys or girls figuring out whether he or she is interested ;)

Well, this topic that I am about to share really reminds me of my best friend years back when we were in elementary. I would always and always ask her something like: "M, do you think he likes me back?? I mean seriously.." I would ask, ask, and keep on asking until she would come up with "Flo, if you ask again I would really ask that dude to tell you what he feels about you" or she would say, "Flo I feel like killing you! Stop asking me!" This goes on and on until middle school (lol even high school). I'm glad we had crazy moments about crushes to laugh about now.

So back to what I said is kinda cute, you can actually tell whether someone is attracted to you through psychology and body language.Generally, when a guy or girl is attracted to the opposite gender, he or she would TOTALLY be positive about you. I'm not trying to state the obvious but here's the thing, the whole body would support the positivity which means all will direct to you. The sitting position, the position of the shoulders, the toes, everything will point/face/direct to you.

Note to girls: when a guy is sitting and is crossing his legs, if his toes or lets just say the top of his foot is pointing at you, no doubt that his toes are trying to tell you he's into you.

Another thing I recently knew is about the intimate zone or private zone. Well this explains why couples would be so close with each other. This shows a sense of belonging or to show that he or she is mine. Have you ever been so pissed or distracted when a stranger stands too close to you? That's because the person is "messing up" with your intimate zone.

Personal space:

I surfed the internet and I got a lot more other signs  from these websites below:

- Body Language's Love Signals and other signals

- 18 Body Language Clues That Say He's Interested -- Definitely


Learned that from this book :) << great book


cool thanks a lot! :)

So, correct me if I'm wrong: if a guy goes dress shopping with you and he's constantly standing close to you (in this case a little too close, 'cause he really hurt my toe by standing on it), it's a sign?


Hey Envy! Your question really interests me & got me thinking :)
From what you said "constantly standing close...a little too close" really gives the idea that he is already in the intimate zone and that could be a first sign! Which means he is very comfortable being THAT close to you...But your relationship & how close you guys are determines his comfort with you. Is it because you guys had been really close for a period of time???
To know if it's a sign, there would be more things to consider, ex: other body languages, how he looks at you, his pitch when talking to you and whether he gives the romantic interest code or not.

I really hope this helps! :) Please feel free to tell me what you think. Good luck!

Hmm, this is going to get pretty complicated I think... We've known eachother for like a year, but only for the last few months we've been tolerating eachother when we were standing that close (in the beginning this would just end with a fight). We tried being more than friends, but then he freaked out and now he's coming closer than he did back then, so he really confuses me.
I can't say much about his body language, 'cause I can't compare it with someone else's. It's always just the two of us, you know? Also, I seem to be kinda blind when it comes to these signs, even with guys that I'm not even interested in :P

Hey Envy, I read your comment there and I thought, it's kinda pretty obvious that he likes you. The thing is most guys aren't as initiative or as responsive as you girls think they are, some tend to be more passive even submissive. This relates to the idea that "good guys" appreciate and respect the girl's feelings, and sometimes this is perceived as being weird and all awkward.
Given the situation, as a psychologist myself, I would say that he's confused with what he wants. I know it may sounds a bit confusing because I stated that he might like you. but, the reason I said this is because the word "affection", "love", or "like" whatever you want to call it, is not as black-and-white as most people think it is. There are degree of love, levels of affections and their "symptoms".
Thus, making it simple, i would say the guy is on level 6-7/10 .
Reading body language is one of the hardest psychoanalysis technique, in contrast, if you practice it generously, the result would be very rewarding!


Wow! If only there is a like or favorite button for comments <3 Thank you for being awesomely helpful :)

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