Monday, July 22, 2013

Personalities Came From Liquid?

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Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. I have heard about these types of personality all my life (not literally) but I'm pretty sure it is commonly known. I do have a global picture of each personality but I DID NOT know that all these are actually from the liquid in our body.

It is known that from the blood we can identify Sanguine, the Yellow Bile determines whether someone is a Choleric, the Dark Bile is for Melancholic and the Phlegm determines how someone is a Phlegmatic...
But for a 100% assurance and validity, it is still discussed with pros and cons.

Can a person change to different personalities?

Well a person can have more than one personality that is dominant. Just like me I am a Sanguine and a Phlegmatic. Everyone is born with different personalities and yes you can control but you can't run from the fact that it will be dominant. It takes time and determination to really completely change. In some conditions, we may have another personality taking control, but it would only be temporary due to some external factors. Just like a Sanguine may suddenly be a Melancholic after watching a "heart-felt" movie but it is not for long, sooner or later the Sanguine side will come back. Well, each personality may have its "not so good" side or there will be things you want to change for the better, and that can happen because change is always a choice and there is always a control. A Melancholic can't just give up on trying to make more friends although the style would be different than a Sanguine, a Phlegmatic can't just neglect responsibilities and say I can't because I'm not a Choleric. Dominance of personality exists but control is always available. 


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