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Here's for you! The 5-Must-Know Sleeping Disorders :)

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After a couple of days not writing I am now here with a post about sleeping disorders. I am glad someone requested it because this topic turns out to be fun and fascinating! But got to be honest this post is more challenging because I am actually taking a “head-start” to what I will be learning… I really had much fun and I hope you do too :)

Sleeping disorders. My most random thought and maybe to some other people in general is Insomnia. It is pretty common around teens and grown-ups so yeah, I guess that’s how it is recognized by many. Followed by sleep walking, I have experienced that myself but when they start talking about Sleep Terror, Sleep Apnea, and Narcolepsy, that’s a whole different thing to me.


It’s late at night, the clock is ticking loud and he still can’t get himself to sleep.  He kept on waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep then waking up really early in the morning. As a cherry on top, it’s really early and he feels exhausted. What he is dealing with is Insomnia.
Now Insomnia can be caused by health problems or other reasons. A short period of Insomnia which is approximately around 1 night to a few weeks is known as Acute Insomnia and worse, the Chronic Insomnia starts from 3 nights per week for the whole month or longer.  Many things can cause Insomnia but Chronic Insomnia happens due to distress, depression, anxiety, chronic stress and physical or emotional pain. 

Sleep Walk

It happens unconsciously to someone who’s sleeping but doing things he does when he is in a conscious state. My little brother used to sleep walk a lot, and there would be times he would run out of the room, walk down the stairs (with eyes open) and creep my parents out but he would not recall any of that because sleep walkers actually have low memory or none at all. As I have mentioned, my bro’s eyes were opened but what he sees won’t be as clear. Sleep walking can be extreme. Wikipedia stated that in 2004, an Australian woman was treated after having sex with a stranger and she was in fact sleep-walking! In 2008, another woman sent emails to her friends inviting them for a dinner and yes, she was unconscious.

Sleep Terror

For me personally, this one is one of the top creepy sleep disorders because it commonly happens to little children ages 3-7.  For small boys, sleep terror happens around the age 5-7. It allows the child to wake up feeling terrified, screaming, thrashing around unconsciously and violently, sweating, hyperventilating with a fast heart rate and dilated pupils. All the craziness happens around 10-20 minutes. The child may experience this when having a high fever, lack of sleep, or emotional pressure, stress or conflicts. Adults can actually experience this too! While for grown-ups, this happens due to emotional tension or the effects of using alcohol.


Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea won’t let its victim breathe well. It would make adults reduce its breathing… so it stops and starts, repeating this pattern over and over. Well snoring is actually included as a Sleep Apnea. Now there are two types of this sleep disorder, the Obstructive Sleep Apnea happens when the throat muscles relax and on the other side the Central Sleep Apnea. This type is all about the brain and how it did not send the proper signals to muscles that are responsible to take care of breathing.  


Have you ever played The Sims by EA Games? This sleeping disorder reminded me of the moments I made my character do a lot of activities to the point of exhaustion and it instantly slept anywhere. So when someone is suffering the Narcolepsy (let’s just say he’s a guy), he would be heavily sleepy that it may cause him to sleep instantly even if he was in the middle of something or talking! The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute mentioned that this sleep disorder may cause Cataplexy. If the Cataplexy affects his hand, he would lose control of his hand and muscles…so whatever he’s holding, he’d drop it. Aside from that, Narcolepsy also creates hallucinations and sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis causes you unable to move your body or speak while waking up or falling asleep. I’ve heard a lot of people mistaken the sleep paralysis with a superstition. So they say like when you cannot move or speak (sleep paralysis) means there’s a ghost sitting on you, glad to know science has its own explanations.


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