Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A boring cycle: you're born, keep yourself alive, you die. Seriously?

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I have been familiarized with the line I used as my title since I was in middle school. Way back then, the statement would be something like we have to study, take the test, pass and that's just over and over. Now that I'm growing, the statement changed into life's purpose. And yes, that's creepy and so wrong in so many ways. If you see my previous post with the pyramid of motivation, that statement would be in the first line of the pyramid.. ( ) 

I do find a lot of people (success in their career & wealth) use it for ordinary purposes. Just so that their life is secure, their basic needs in abundance, or maybe just to be prestigious and get more and more of money and investments. Now for that, you can always get there even though there's a lot of people, like seriously. That type of lot would always have a place for someone to squeeze in. But right now I am talking about another lot that's increasing because there are so many wrong things popping out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Look at the news, weird things happen everyday. Okay maybe that's too much for now so let's take a smaller view, observe your surroundings or people's habits around you that is very much disturbing. I do find tons, and what I hate most is to see people littering. I don't know, but it seriously pisses me off.  I mean like what the heck, who do you suppose should clean up your mess? I can't help to stereotype those people as beings who would mess up irresponsibly and expect other people to fix their mess. I would tell the people around me to keep their rubbish until they find a rubbish bin. Because you can always tell someone's personality and values through the little things they do.

I really hope and aim that I would be someone wealthy with and for a purpose :). I'm posting this so that at least my readers would realize there is always an empty lot where you can be somebody that gives influence and make a change. There's no reason not to, I mean look there's so many wrong things and nobody's doing anything about it. I was really inspired by Dr.Cindy Jacobs in one of the conference that I attended. She said don't wait for someone to fix something you yourself can fix because that is your actual calling.

So...some ladies are sexist towards their own gender? XD

(EVEN FOR LADIES) I still find girls and ladies with traditional perspectives. No, we ladies aren't born to follow the fate of our hubbies. God planted our own desires for a purpose and we should acknowledge it. As long as we're humans, we were created for our own purpose and calling. Purpose and callings aren't sexist you know.. Besides, a lot of people had to fight hard for women's rights so I believe that I and other ladies should cherish  it and not put ourselves back like the old days.


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