Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where are you at? : Level of Motivation

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Everyone has their own purpose of doing something, or as I refer to their motivation in achieving. I believe motivation leads you to places you never imagined before. One thing I know for sure, from the heart you'll receive your outcome.Motivation also defines who you are as a person. So, the higher your motivation, the priceless it is. Although you may now find yourself in the first line, you can ALWAYS choose to change if you really want to! It's just in the matter of the mind! Change is constant :)

Levels of motivation by Abraham Maslow:

1. Physiological: physical needs (food, house, basic necessities, biological needs, etc)
2. Safety
3. Love/belonging
4. Esteem: (pride, prestige)
5. Self-actualization : when you live your values and by morality

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs picture:

Now that you have seen the levels, try to identify where you may be. You know you can always reach the top, only if you want to! You can always achieve a better and happier life with the right motivation.


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