Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keep the Doctor Away By Walking the Talk Each Day

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A couple of days ago...

A known speaker of parenting came to my aunt for a counseling session regarding his marriage (felt awesome to sit somewhere near & eavesdropped information while eating frozen yoghurt).  I was “mindblown” by how speakers can be so capable in talking but not in walking the talk of their own theories. On the contrary, people are looking up to him and searching for inspiration. He didn’t walk his talk, fake in public and ended up being unhappy. I figured out that not walking the talk will lead to an inner conflict (consciously or unconsciously). The inner conflict will soon turn to something horrible (disease is one of the effects), as for this man he suffered diabetes and some other illness. So bottom line: walk the talk is one way to keep the doctor away. :)

Here’s an article I find helpful to know more about inner conflicts and how to deal with it:


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